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Astra Aircraft is a premium supplier of all things aviation-related.
Enhanced VR Training
Ensure your pilots and personnel have the best training available through the power of Virtual Reality
Take to the Sky with Peace of Mind
With Astra Aircraft Corporate (Pty) Ltd. at your back, you can operate your aviation business with confidence and pride.

Astra Aircraft Corporate (Pty) Ltd. is a a premium supply and maintenance partner to the South Africa aviation sector.

With decades of experience in all things aviation related, ranging from supplying parts and vehicles, to maintaining them, to even brokering negotiations, Astra has seen it all and done it all. By utilizing its vast industry knowledge and capacity, Astra can easily cater for even the most demanding aviation needs. Whether you need to refurbish a plane, or refurbish an airport, whether you want to start a flight school or increase airport security, Astra is here to assist you through it all.

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