Supplying Aviation Products to the South African Aviation Industry Since 1963

Company Profile

Astra Aircraft Corporation (Pty) Ltd supplies equipment and systems to the aviation industry in South Africa.

The company represents a number of well-known International aviation equipment manufacturers such as but not limited to:

  •  Product
  • Cabin and Door Trainers
  • Aircraft Interiors
  • Air Traffic Control Training Simulators
  • High Pressure Pure Air Generators,
  • Eddy Current Test Instruments & Systems
  • Aircraft Electrical Ground Supply Systems
  • Ground Power Units and Pre-Conditioned Air Units
  • Computer Based Training Products
  • Alpha Aircrew Helmets
  • Aircraft Spares
  • Aviation Medicine Equipment, Disaster Management Training, Simulators
  • Shooting Range Simulators
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Full Flight Simulators
  • Cargo Containers


 Aircraft Manufacturers Represented in the past:

Hawkers Siddely Group (Shackletons to the SAAF)
Roenda Engines   (SAAF Sabre 6 aircraft)
Curtiss Wright  (Engines and Simulators)
Lockheed     (Constellations to SAA)
Lockheed (C130 aircraft to the SAAF and Safair)


  •  Lockheed Constellations supplied to South African Airways (S.A.A) from the U.S.A  
  • 7 Vickers Viscount supplied to S.A.A from Britain.
  • 1 Vickers Viscount supplied to the South African Air Force (S.A.A.F.) from Britain.
  • 35 Sabre Jet Fighters supplied to the S.A.A.F. from Canada.
  • 30 Harvard Trainers supplied to the S.A.A.F from the U.S.A.
  • 7 Lockheed Hercules Transport Aircraft supplied to SAFAIR Freighters from the U.S.A.
  • 16 Lockheed Hercules Transport Aircraft supplied to SAFAIR Freighters from the U.S.A

A large number of Macchi MB326 ground attack aircraft supplied to the S.A.A.F. from Italy. This aircraft is known in South Africa as the Impala which is manufactured under license by Atlas.  Astra negotiated the entire licensing agreement for the aircraft and arranged for the British engines to be routed through Italy.

  • 40 AM3 Bosbok reconnaissance aircraft to the S.A.A.F from Italy.
  • 10 Piaggo naval reconnaissance aircraft to the S.A.A.F from Italy.
  • 2 Gulfstream Commander Aircraft supplied to ESKOM.
  • Several Bell helicopters supplied to ESKOM for Power-Line patrol.
  • Bell 412 helicopter supplied to South African Railway for security purposes.
  • Bell 222 and Bell Long Ranger helicopter supplied to SASOL for line inspection.
  • Several helicopters supplied for Red Locust Patrol, Traffic control, Broadcasting etc.
  • 6 Twin engine helicopters supplied to Republic/Court Helicopters for transport to and from the off shore oil rigs under contract for SOEKOR.
  • Several helicopters supplied for Provincial and Municipal hospital and flying doctor service. 
  • Many helicopters and aircraft supplied to mining houses and other financial and industrial companies for mineral and geological survey, and other work of national importance.
  • Large quantities of spare parts were imported for servicing all the above.

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