Supplying Aviation Products to the South African Aviation Industry Since 1963
Aircraft Products
Aircraft Product Range
Simulators & Computer Based Training
Airports & Aircraft
Airports & Aircraft Support Products
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Military Products Range

We are suppliers of equipment to the aviation industry in Southern Africa.


  • All the Airlines
  • All the Airports
  • Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Ltd
  • Apron Services Handling Companies
  • Armscor, Denel and the SAAF
  • Maritime Training Companies

Armscor Supplier Accreditation.
CAASA Member (Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa)
BEE Compliant


Our office is located at the:
N12 Industrial Park, Unit 46
188 Dr. Vosloo Rd, Bartlett Ext 40
Boksburg, Gauteng, 1459
South Africa

Open 5 days a week:

Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:30pm
Friday – 07:30am-14:00

Contact us:

Tel: +27 918 6696
Fax: +27 918 6805

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